Convert your shop in to Amazon Easy Store

Now you can shop online for your customers from wide range of products in Amazon and earn Commission up-to 10%

What is Amazon Easy Store?

Amazon easy store is an initiative by Amazon through which any store can be converted in to an e-commerce store through which the shop owner gets access to wide range of products available in Amazon and can order these products for his customers and make money on every transactio.

Why Amazon Easy Store?

Benefits of Amazon Easy Store

⇒ “ZERO” working capital required. No need to pre-purchase or manage any inventory at the shop. Our store partners can sell any product from Amazon at 0 investment.
⇒ Attractive Commission: Amazon Easy provides commission up-to 10% on each order, plus additional incentives on target completion.
⇒ 16 Crores plus Products: With Amazon Easy Franchise, Store partners can order from 16 crores products available in Amazon.
⇒ Increased business transactions with existing clients. Additional walk-ins due to the Amazon Easy service, thus benefitting existing store business as well.
⇒ Standardized Branding & Premium look and feel

How does Amazon Easy help the customer?

⇒ Physical touch point
⇒ Store Owner Expertise
⇒ Store Owner Expertise
⇒ Guidance in Local Language
⇒ Get access to crores of products at great prices
⇒ Get assistance for shopping on Amazon at a known location from a trusted person